The HFC-E1 is a HDLC B- and D-channel controller with integrated E1 (S2M) interface. It can be used for ISDN primary rate lines. All channels are served fully duplex by deep FIFOs. Also implemented is a PCM128/PCM64/PCM30 highway interface (which is able to connect to many telecom serial busses) and an universal external bus interface.

Block Diagram

HFC-E1 Block Diagram


  • single chip ISDN-E1-controller with B- and D-channel HDLC support

  • integrated E1 (S2M) interface

  • full I.431 ITU compliant E1 (S2M) ISDN support in LT and NT mode

  • 32 independent read and write HDLC-channels
    for e.g. 30 ISDN B-channels, 1 ISDN D-channel and 1 timeslot on the PCM interface

  • B-channel transparent mode independently selectable

  • up to 64 FIFOs; FIFO-size configurable

  • each FIFO can be assigned to an arbitrary channel of the E1 (S2M) or PCM interface

  • max. 31 HDLC frames (with 128k or 512k external RAM) or 15 HDLC frames (with 32k built-in RAM) per FIFO

  • 1 - 8 Bit processing for subchannels selectable

  • B-channels for higher data rate combinable

  • PCM128 / PCM64 / PCM30 interface configurable to interface MITEL STTM bus (MVIPTM) or Siemens IOM2TM and Motorola GCITM (bearer slots supported only) for inter-chip connection (e.g. external CODECs)

  • H.100 data rate support

  • universal external bus interfacce configurable into PCI bus, ISA-PnP, PCMCIA or microprocessor interface as well as SPI (serial processor interface)

  • multiparty audio conferences switchable

  • DTMF detection on all B-channels

  • timer with interrupt capability

  • CMOS technology 3.3V (5V tolerant inputs)

  • LQFP 208 package, RoHS compliant


  • ISDN PRI terminal adapters


  • ISDN LAN routers for PRI

  • ISDN least cost routers for PRI

  • ISDN test equipment for PRI

Linux Driver

Generic Linux drivers for HFC-E1 are available.

Evaluation board of HFC-E1   

Evaluation Board

Contact us for an evaluation board of HFC-E1.


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