Cologne Chip's Social Responsibility: Supporting our Youth  

Logo Invent a Chip 2012 Cologne Chip has a major interest in promoting our youth. The company was official sponsoring company of the local science fair contest "Jugend forscht / Schüler experimentieren" in Cologne for almost 10 years.

In 2012, Cologne Chip becomes official sponsor of "Invent a Chip". This nationwide contest is organized by Federal Ministry of Research and Education and the Association of German Electrical Engineers. It has the objective to make microchip technology accessible to young students.

The best talents in proposing a chip idea will have the chance to receive special training and design courses. After having completed the chip project, the best invention will be prize awarded in November 2012. Detailed information about the contest can be found on the official website of Invent a Chip at

In addition, Cologne Chip supports talented students of Electronics Engineering: The company offers several perennial scholarships as part of a federal campaign called "Deutschland Stipendium". For more information, please visit
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  XHFC Series wins Innovation Award  

PCB with XHFC-1SU Cologne Chip has been awarded the Nicolaus August Otto Prize for Innovation for its XHFC Series ("Nicolaus August Otto Preis der Stadt Köln für Innovation"). The jury commitee consisting of top-class specialists chose Cologne Chip's successful family of ISDN ICs among over 100 submitted innovations. The jurymen have been convinced by the outstanding features of XHFC Series that are especially beneficial for Residential Gateway applications.

The award is named after the famous German inventor of the first internal-combustion engine based on four separate strokes.


  Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone rely on ISDN Technology from Cologne Chip  

Vodafone Easybox 803 and Deutsche Telekom Speedport W 723V Cologne Chip is proud that both leading German telcos rely on the company’s ISDN technology. Several million Integrated Accessed Devices (IADs) based on the XHFC ISDN transceiver ICs are already installed in the field - and that number continues to grow:

This week, Deutsche Telekom has announced the launch of their new VDSL2 router "Speedport W 723V". It is manufactured by Huawei. Besides the Chinese network-equipment giant, Cologne Chip supplies to many of the leading router vendors in Europe and Asia. One of them is Arcadyan, the manufacturer of the "Easybox" for Vodafone.

Please read on how to use the XHFC-series of Cologne Chip in IAD designs.


  First Cable Modems for DOCSIS 3.0 with ISDN Connectivity  

The market has been lacking ISDN interfaces in cable modems (so called e-MTAs) for many years. But now - based on the successful XHFC-series of Cologne Chip - several ISDN-capable e-MTA products have become available: The German ISDN specialist Stollmann has jointly developed an e-MTA with Hitron, a Taiwanese cable-modem company. Also CastleNet, one of the cable-modem pioneers from Taiwan, has announced products with ISDN support.

In all countries with a high ISDN penetration, ISDN connectivity is a mandatory feature of broadband routers. It is required for the transition from circuit-switched networks to Next Generation Networks (NGN). As a consequence, ISDN ports are needed regardless of the access technology used – whether it is ADSL2+, VSDL2, cable modem or even fiber optics. While xDSL-based IADs are predominant at present, DOCSIS 3.0-based cable modems and FttH installations are about to overhaul. A white paper on ISDN connectivity in Residetial Gateways can be downloaded here.

By supplying ISDN ICs for all variants of broadband routers, the company greatly contributes to the NGN roll-out.


  Comprehensive HFC Driver Support now Part of the Official Linux Kernel  

Tux with ISDN Chips Cologne Chip is proud that its entire series of ISDN ICs is very well accepted by the open-source community. In Asterisk applications, the company even sets the de-facto standard for ISDN under Linux.

As a consequence the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, has decided to make the modular ISDN driver architecture "mISDN" a regular part of the Linux kernel. The mISDN kernel module is now included from Linux version 2.6.27. As successor of the former "HiSax" module, the new architecture also supports internal ISDN lines. This so called "NT mode" is used for popular VoIP applications such as Linux-based IP-PBXes (e.g. Asterisk).

mISDN comes with driver support for all current ISDN ICs of Cologne Chip, including the latest XHFC chip-family. Cologne Chip accompanies the ISDN4Linux open-source project ever since and is happy to contribute man-power to the ongoing development.

Details on mISDN can be found at


  A new Class of ISDN System Phones  

Auerswald Telephone The Universal ISDN Port technology of Cologne Chip allows the construction of ISDN phones and PABXs with only one ISDN transceiver serving both ISDN line interface standards, S/T and UpN/Up0.

Thanks to the feature of automatic detection of the cabling type, a totally new class of system telephones has been successfully introduced to the world-market by Auerswald, a leading German PABX manufacturer. Thus, Auerswald has been able to reduce their phone models to the half and to save a great amount of logistic costs. On the consumer side, end-users enjoy greater flexibility when moving from one office to another – they can keep their phones even on another type of cabling.

Besides the use in terminal equipment, the same manufacturer presents a new series of modular PABX systems at CeBIT 2007. It is also using Cologne’s Universal ISDN Port approach for line cards: Users can easily convert S/T ports into UpN/Up0 ports by installing a tiny Coding Plug.

All new products mentioned are based on the XHFC Series of Cologne Chip.


  Introducing XHFC Series  

new With XHFC chip family, Cologne Chip introduces its latest development: The successful ISDN HDLC FIFO Controllers (HFC Series) have been eXtended and once more been improved. The chips of XHFC Series are available in four port granularities from 1 up to 4 ISDN interfaces. The line interface mode for each port can be selected independently (TE mode or NT mode).

These components are perfectly suitable for almost all ISDN Basic Rate applications: From price sensitive single-port applications as terminal equipment (e.g. telephones) to sophisticated multi-port applications like VoIP gateways, IP Centrex and PABXs.

More information upon these new ISDN transceivers is available here.


  XHFC-2SU: The World's first 2 Port Solution!  

Bridging ISDN to IP An outstanding member of the new chip family is XHFC-2SU. This ISDN transceiver IC offers two ISDN S/T or UpN/Up0 Basic Rate Interfaces. Disposing of an ideal port granularity, XHFC-2SU is the most cost-effective solution for xDSL VoIP routers with ISDN connectivity.

To find out more, please click here.


  Cologne Chip is RoHS-ready  

RoHS ready After three years of transition, Cologne Chip has successfully shifted its production to green ICs: All Cologne Chip parts of the current portfolio are available in a RoHS compliant version. Thanks to a common effort with our customers, the compelling deadline of July 1st, 2006 of European Directive 2002/95/EC can be faced well-prepared.

Click here to go to the lead-free section.


  Happy Birthday Cologne Chip!  

10 years Cologne Chip Cologne Chip is proud to be known as a reliable partner for over 10 years: The company has been founded in 1994 and started its operation in 1995. Since then, the number of satisfied customers continously increased.

A decade of successful chip design has lead to the fact that there is no 'ISDN country' in the world where one cannot find chips with stylized Cologne Cathedral on it. Also have a glance at the company's history.


  Lead-Free ICs of Cologne Chip  

Manufacturers of electronic components are requested to convert production to lead free processes, as environmental EU legislation sets a deadline of July 1st, 2006. Cologne Chip enables its customers to smoothly convert to a green production by offering lead free ICs at the earliest convenience.
All current products are expected to be available as lead-free within this year.

More information upon lead free ICs of Cologne Chip can be found here.


  DIGICC Technology: IP Cores for ASICs  

Analog functions can now be implemented in pure digital logic: DIGICC Technology is an innovative design approach, enabling hardware eingineers to facilitate their design process.

Cologne Chip IP Cores (C3IP) are DIGICC based and available for various demands of ASIC projects:

- G.711/G.712 CODECs,
- ISDN Line Interfaces and
- PLLs.

This innovative technology is silicon-proven as it is successfully in the field as part of Cologne's HFC and XHFC series.

Discover more about C3IP...

  Introducing "Universal ISDN Port" at CeBIT 2004  

Universal ISDN Port Cologne's reliable ISDN S/T interface becomes capable of ISDN Up now: S/T interface and UpN/Up0 interface are integrated into the same transceiver.

The "Universal ISDN Port" technology is perfectly suited for PABX applications and all other ISDN applications requiring both interfaces: S/T and UpN/Up0. A brief overview of this innovative interface design can be downloaded here (pdf file).

The operational mode of the ISDN interface is determined by hardware design. Besides the dedicated usage of an external circuitry for either S/T or alternatively UpN/Up0 mode, there is also a third external circuitry design possible. This combined circuitry enables end users to select between both interface modes. Please click here for a short presentation (pdf file).

The "Universal ISDN Port" will become part of all future ISDN ICs of Cologne Chip.


  Successful 2003  

Despite a deflating IT market over the year 2003 Cologne Chip has achieved more than satisfactory results. Continously fruitful partnerships as well as attractive new customers have contributed to a solid business development. The successful launch of the new chip family (HFC-4S, HFC-8S and HFC-E1) has given rise to a keen demand, underlining the importance of highly integrated ISDN technology on the world market.

For 2004 the management of Cologne Chip expects to continously extend the company's standing on the market of ISDN.


  News History  

News from 2003 and before can be found in the News Archive.

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