Driver Software Solutions  

You are looking for a driver for your ISDN card under Microsoft Windows?
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Linux drivers are available for all chips as open source software. Under the terms of GPL (GNU Public License) the source code of the Linux drivers may be used free of royalties.
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  Driver & Software Development  

Software Engineer For electronic engineers, driver software plays an important role in all ISDN projects. This consideration leads to one of the basic principles of Cologne Chip:

Individual technical support for each project.

By having broad knowledge about ISDN applications, the Support team of Cologne Chip will assist in finding the best approach regarding system architecture and concerning software aspects. Whether a software project is developped in-house, is based on Linux open source software or is obtained from a design house as 3rd party, Cologne Chip is committed to in-depth technical support for fast time-to-market.

Commercial ISDN protocol stacks with layer 1 driver support for Cologne's HFC-S series can be licensed from several first-class ISDN design houses. For popular applications even turned-key solutions are available.

You find here an extensive listing of ISDN design houses.

In order to enable you to find the best software solution, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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