Cologne Chip AG and TES Electronic Solutions GmbH announce cooperation

Cologne, 11.07.2023: Cologne Chip AG and TES Electronic Solutions GmbH are pleased to announce their new cooperation in the field of IP design blocks on Cologne Chip’s low-cost, low-power and user-friendly GateMate FPGA family. The two companies will work together to offer their customers one-stop-shop FPGA solutions for many embedded applications such as in industrial, automotive and telecoms markets. TES Electronic Solutions is a leading provider of hardware IP building blocks and systems, while Cologne Chips is the only European vendor of FPGA’s. The cooperation between the two companies will combine their expertise and resources to create cutting-edge solutions that will benefit customers in various industries.

“We are excited to partner with TES Electronic Solutions to bring our GateMate FPGAs to leading industry customers,” said Dr. Michael Gude, CEO, Cologne Chip AG.

“We are thrilled to work with Cologne Chips to create innovative solutions based on Cologne Chip’s unique GateMate FPGAs. Our highly experienced ASIC/FPGA Design House is ready to support turn-key developments around the world.” said Jürgen Zeller, CEO, TES Electronic Solutions.

About Cologne Chip AG:

Cologne Chip was founded in 1995 and became the leading provider of ISDN IC solutions. With this knowledge they announced their innovative, low-cost, low-power and user-friendly Gatemate FPGA family in 2020. Their Goal is to offer a Made In Germany competitive FPGA solution.

About Gatemate FPGA Family:

The GateMate FPGA family addresses all application requirements of small to medium size FPGAs. Logic capacity, power consumption, package size and PCB compatibility are best in class and yet available at lowes cost of ownership. Cologne Chip AG hence drives FPGA usage towards many applications, which previously used discrete or software programmable solutions. All this is based on a novel FPGA architecture combining CPE programmable elements with a smart routing engine. The devices are manufactured using Globalfoundries™ 28 nm SLP (Super Low Power) process. Due to manufacturing in Europe, there is no danger of trade restrictions or high taxation.

About TES Electronic Solutions GmbH:

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH is an innovative technology and design services company offering intellectual properties (IP), embedded hard- and software for a vast range of customers in global markets, such as in industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, as well as in semiconductors. Key capabilities include embedded software, graphics, RF & antenna, radar, mixed-signal and digital ASIC and FPGA designs.

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Cologne Chip AG and TES Electronic Solutions GmbH announce cooperation