3rd Party Boards

Trenz FPGA-Module with GateMate A1

Trenz Electronic, a trailblazer in FPGA-based solutions, introduces its latest product, an FPGA Module equipped with the cost-effective GateMate A1 from Cologne Chip AG. The module sets a new standard for low-cost programmable logic devices, providing an affordable yet powerful solution for diverse applications. Trenz Electronic can manufacture and assembly different variants in-house.

Olimex GateMateA1-EVB

Olimex Ltd. is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of open-source hardware and development tools. They are based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and have been operating since 1991. Olimex focuses on producing development boards, single-board computers (SBCs), embedded systems, and various hardware components. They developed a Low cost and low entry Board based on GateMate A1.

GMM-7550 and R-Pi HAT

The GMM-7550 is a small module providing a convenient way to evaluate the GateMate A1 and provides power converters, reset, clocking and configuration support circuitries. To evaluate the module, there are several adapters and extensions, such as a Raspberry Pi HAT adater or a memory extension module for external RAM.

Machdyne Kölsch Computer

Kölsch is an experimental single-board FPGA computer designed for timeless and retro applications/games, with  open schematics, PCB layouts, pinouts, a 3D-printable case, example gateware and documentation.