Olimex announced Board with A1

Olimex announced development of new OSHW board based on the latest GateMate FPGA A1 chip. With its Simplicity, cost effectiveness and advanced process node (Global Foundries SLP 28nm) of GateMate FPGA A1 fit very well in the open-source community. With the new OSHW board, Cologne Chip and Olimex will offer a new vehicle for wide range of applications.

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About Olimex

Olimex Ltd. is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of open-source hardware and development tools. They are based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and have been operating since 1991. Olimex focuses on producing development boards, single-board computers (SBCs), embedded systems, and various hardware components.

Olimex announced Board with A1