The XHFC-4SU is a single-chip ISDN transceiver for four ISDN S/T or UpN/Up0 Basic Rate Interfaces with integrated HDLC controllers for all kinds of BRI equipment. The XHFC-4SU has four Universal ISDN Ports which can be configurated either in S/T mode or in Up mode, numbered 0 . . 3.

The integrated microprocessor bus interface of the XHFC-4SU can be configured to 8 bit parallel microprocessor interface or serial processor interface (SPI). A PCM128 / PCM64 / PCM30 interface for CODEC or inter-chip connection is also integrated. The deep FIFOs of the XHFC-4SU are realized with an internal SRAM.


Technology Element Details
S/T interfaces 4
UpN/Up0 interfaces 4
Bus interfaces SPI, 8 bit parallel
CODEC or inter-chip connection PCM128 / PCM64 / PCM30
Package QFP 100